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Montgomery County Council Approves Chevy Chase Lake Sector Plan

Posted on by Miti Figueredo

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Recently, after a public hearing, several committee worksessions and two full Council meetings, the Montgomery County Council passed the Chevy Chase Lake Sector Plan. While the Planning Board has not yet released the final approved and adopted plan, the Council’s resolution approving the plan can be read here.

What does approval of this Sector Plan mean for the future of Chevy Chase Lake?

The Chevy Chase Lake Sector Plan makes recommendations for the future transit-oriented, mixed-use redevelopment of certain commercial and multi-family residential properties in Chevy Chase Lake. The surrounding single-family residential neighborhoods will remain unchanged.

When can these properties redevelop?

Once the new zoning recommended in the Plan is in place, which should happen sometime this Fall, the Chevy Chase Lake East Shopping Center, the Housing Opportunity Commission’s Chevy Chase Lake Apartments, and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute could elect to proceed with redevelopment plans.

The remaining properties, including the office building at 8401 Connecticut Avenue, the Chevy Chase Lake West Shopping Center, and the Newdale Mews Apartments, can proceed with redevelopment once construction has begun on the Purple Line.

However, this doesn’t mean that redevelopment will automatically occur. Individual property owners must assess whether redevelopment makes sense for them, weighing the costs and risks of redevelopment against the anticipated returns.

What are the next steps in the redevelopment process?

A property owner electing to proceed with redevelopment must obtain development approvals from the Planning Board and obtain necessary building permits. This is a lengthy process that can take several years, and includes ample opportunity for community input. For more information on the process, visit the Planning Department’s website.

What are the Chevy Chase Land Company’s redevelopment plans?

The Land Company owns 8401 Connecticut Avenue, the Chevy Chase Lake West Shopping Center, and the Chevy Chase Lake East Shopping Center. Because we already have an approved preliminary plan for redevelopment of the Chevy Chase Lake East Shopping Center, the Planning Board and the Council agreed that we could proceed with a mixed-use redevelopment immediately, as long as our new project does not exceed the traffic counts projected for our previously approved plan.

While we have made no final decisions, we are hopeful that if the economic and market conditions are right, we could proceed with redevelopment of the Lake East Shopping Center in the next year or two. Once we make a determination to move ahead with redevelopment, we will seek community input to ensure we design and build the best possible project–one that meets the needs of the community and reflects the Land Company’s long-standing commitment to excellence. As we have more information on our plans, I will update this website–so be sure to check back!

I hope this information is helpful to you. If you have any questions that weren’t answered here, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly at the phone or email listed on this website.







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