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Miti Figueredo, Project Contact, VP Public Affairs

Greater Greater Washington: Chevy Chase Lake plan compromises on density

Posted on by Miti Figueredo

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The popular blog “Greater Greater Washington” usually covers land use planning and transportation issues in Washington, D.C. But this past Friday, Just Up the Pike’s Dan Reed posted an article about the Chevy Chase Lake Sector Plan that does a great job describing the plan’s history, and why the Planning Board’s recommendations for the Chevy Chase Land Company’s properties make sense. Preventing mixed-use development at this location–inside the beltway, adjacent to a future transit stop and near major job centers–won’t keep traffic on Connecticut Avenue from deteriorating. The only way we can effectively begin to address congestion is by creating communities that are less auto-dependent, where residents can walk, use transit or take shorter trips to get to where they need to go.


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