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Recap of the May 9th Happy Hour

Posted on by Lisa Fadden

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We had our final of three happy hours on Wednesday and we had a great time talking to folks about the possibility and opportunity of Chevy Chase Lake. We had about 30 people in the lobby at Tavira and as usual we had a lot of good questions. Here are some that either stuck out or we had not yet heard:

Is there going to be a buffer between the development and the existing neighborhood? The wooded area around Coquelin Run creates a significant natural buffer zone to the south and east of the planned development area and that will remain undeveloped. A tree-lined Manor Road will border to the north. On the west side of Connecticut Avenue there are plans for new development of the strip center, but we are sensitive to the single family homes currently there and our intent is to put lower buildings there.

Will the new residences be rentals or condos? That decision is highly dependent on the market. We won’t have an answer to that until we get closer to actually building.

How loud will the Purple Line be? Because it’s light rail the Purple Line will actually be very quiet. Although it is hard to say exactly how loud the Purple Line will be, the experience of Denver, Minneapolis, and many other cities shows us that light rail can be very quiet.

Will this area be very seasonal, with a lot of extra traffic around the holidays? We don’t anticipate that at all. The type of retail we intend to provide will be neighborhood-oriented, not destination retail that traditionally draws holiday shoppers.

How can you take credit for the Purple Line mitigating traffic on Connecticut Avenue? We are responsible for infrastructure that will mitigate the trips generated by our development. We cannot control the traffic generated by sprawl development in the northern part of the county that must make its way down Connecticut Avenue during rush hour. The new residents at Chevy Chase Lake are more likely to use transit due to their proximity to a transit station. Similar development in other parts of the County has shown that units near transit have on average less than one car per unit.

Will there be kid friendly aspects to the development? Will there be a park? There will be plenty of open, publicly accessible space and lots of active play areas. We envision the space as flexible, and not a traditional playground. We are still seeking feedback as to what that space might be like so please click the feedback button on the right side. In any event, we hope to maintain the space ourselves in order to save the County money and ensure a higher level of maintenance.

Those are the ones that stuck with us but please click the feedback button and ask others if you have them. There were also some questions about schools and that topic is well covered in a prior post you can access by clicking here. We are considering other events in the coming weeks, including a walking tour to assess the state of the pedestrian environment around Chevy Chase Lake and come up with ideas for ways to improve it. Stay tuned to this site for more information.


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