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Recap from the 4/24 Happy Hour

Posted on by Lisa Fadden

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Thank you to everyone who came out to our second happy hour last night. We had a much more manageable group last night so we were able to answer more questions and get into some detail on certain issues. Here are a few questions that stood out to me:

Has the plan changed so that the Purple Line will cross at grade (street level) on Connecticut Avenue? No. This has not changed. There was a newspaper article that speculated on this idea, but the Maryland Transit Administration has NOT changed their plans in this regard.  The purple line will come over Connecticut Avenue approximately 25 feet in the air.

Many people asked about timeline and we just want to reiterate that none of this will happen overnight and it will be driven largely by market conditions. This plan will span approximately twenty years and less than one third of the overall development will occur before the purple line.

What kind of environmentally friendly aspects will you building into the redevelopment? The Chevy Chase Land Company is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council and proud of our record in this area. We own three LEED certified buildings and are considering the Chevy Chase Lake redevelopment for LEED certification as well. We will have a post on this website about what that entails in the near future. We also have a post about stormwater management already up that you can access by clicking here.

How much parking will there be? Will there be a parking space for every person or unit? There will be a mix of on street and underground parking, but the vast majority will be underground. This has two benefits. First are the environmental benefits from decreased runoff into Coquelin Run. Second, it allows us the flexibility and space to create attractive gathering areas and plazas in the development. Outdoor seating and pedestrian friendly walkways are much more desirable when they aren’t right next to a parking lot. In regards to the number of spaces for each unit, the county has certain ratios we must adhere to. Typically, apartment buildings near transit generate less than one car per unit.

Will you provide affordable housing? For about a decade every building in Montgomery County (except in some municipalities) has been required to have a minimum of 12.5% of the units as moderately priced dwelling units (MPDUs). We are no exception to this regulation. Keep checking back for a post on this website about affordable housing in the near future.

When will we get more detail on the buildings and types of tenants? We understand that it may be hard to envision the redevelopment given the detail that we can currently provide. Redevelopment is a long process and more detail is added over time. Check out a previous article on the planning process by clicking here.

Those were the topics that stood out to me from last night. If you have questions or feedback please click on the feedback button on the right side of this page and I will respond personally. Thank you and if you missed last night we plan on having another happy hour on May 9th at 6:30pm at Tavira. Email Kerry Dore at to RSVP.


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