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Questions from Hamlet Place and Hamlet House

Posted on by Lisa Fadden

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Earlier this week, we got together with members of the Hamlet Place townhouses and the Hamlet House condo building.  These neighbors live at the end of Chevy Chase Lake Drive, on the southern side of the Purple Line right of way.   We thought we’d share with you a few of their questions, in order to help answer questions you may have.

How can the “small town atmosphere” be maintained while redeveloping this site?

We know that the unique character of Chevy Chase is very important to all of us.  We think one of the advantages of the Chevy Chase Lake Sector plan is that it will give us an opportunity to create some great gathering spaces within the Chevy Chase Lake community that we don’t have today, specifically, outdoor gathering spaces where you can walk around, see your neighbors and shop.  The best element of a “small town atmosphere”, in my opinion is the ability to be out and about and see your neighbors.

How will parking be handled in the redevelopment of the project?

The majority of parking within our development will be in underground garages although there will be some on street spaces for convenience retail parking.

What is the difference between locally serving retail and destination retail?

Locally serving retail is designed to serve local communities by providing everyday services that residents need, along with a unique mix of restaurants and other shopping amenities. These retail options are not meant to drive residents from farther away to come to a location like Chevy Chase Lake, but instead, are meant to service those who are already here as well as those who will live in the development.

By contrast destination retail is the kind of retail that would pull people from all over the County to come to a location, because the service or retail option has high demand, and can only be found in a very small number of locations throughout the County.  Costco and Target are good examples of destination retail.  On the other end of the price spectrum, luxury retail like The Collection in Friendship Heights is also a good example.

As mentioned in a previous post, what The Chevy Chase Land Company plans for Chevy Chase Lake is an enhancement of the locally serving retail that we have here today.

Will developers play a role in the funding of the Purple Line?

The Maryland Transit Administration is working through the Federal New Starts process in order to fund the Purple Line.  The Purple Line will be funded through a mix of Federal and State resources.

There are many things that will need to be done in order to integrate the development here with the Purple Line station. We will focus on facilitating that integration when the time comes.

As we get more questions, we’ll try to keep answering them in this Q&A format. 


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