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Chevy Chase Lake Survey Wrap-Up, Part 2

Posted on by Lisa Fadden

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As we indicated previously, many in the community took time to respond to our survey last month regarding upcoming Chevy Chase Lake Sector Plan.  We are very appreciative and want to share the results with you.

This posting deals primarily with responses regarding retail and commercial development within the community.  More than three-fourths (78%) of the respondents indicated that Chevy Chase Lake is not their local shopping destination, and would like to have access to greater retail variety.  In fact, 70% of the survey participants wanted to travel no more than three miles for their shopping needs, so this new plan certainly provides an opportunity to address this issue.

The top priority of residents is greater selection of restaurants with 52% identifying this as the top retail choice.  Another 28% of respondents identified specific retail options they would like to see, and while there were many individual recommendations these generally identified the need for a full service pharmacy, a bookstore, and a full service grocery.  Another theme that came through is an interest in identifying locally owned businesses where possible to meet the community’s retail needs.

You’ll recall that we asked about what services are most valuable for you in a grocery store. You were equally interested in a new grocery store having both a full service meat department and a focus on organic foods. The next element that garnered the most support was that the grocery store provide prepared hot and cold meals for convenient pickup.  Interestingly, the inclusion of a bakery was consistently respondent’s 3rd or 4th highest priority, but it is also an item that was cited frequently in the individual responses in previous questions.  So, there appears to be an interest in increasing the availability of access to baked goods in the community either in the grocery store or in a stand-alone bakery.

As the plans for the community are discussed, one significant design question that is raised is how connected the community wants to be to new commercial and retail activities.  What the survey indicated is that nearly 6 out of every 10 residents want to have direct pedestrian access to these new activities.  This is very consistent with the feedback in the survey about increasing pedestrian access throughout the community and with one of the top cited community attributes which is convenience.

Our last post about the survey will address some of the ways in which the Land Company’s development vision tries to respond to the needs that the community outlined in the survey.


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