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Chevy Chase Lake Happy Hour Recap

Posted on by Lisa Fadden

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Thanks to those who attended the Happy Hour event at Tavira last night to learn more about the Chevy Chase Land Company’s plan and vision for the Chevy Chase Lake sector.  We had a great turnout, more than we expected, and we appreciate your interest. We had lots of great questions. Here are a few that came up frequently:

Will the new development be designed to serve the neighborhood or will it be more of a destination? The new development will be geared towards serving the neighborhood.

Where will the parking be? There will be about 100 surface parking spaces distributed around the property, but the majority will be located underground.

Will there be development prior to the Purple Line? What is the status of the Purple Line? There will be approvals for some limited development prior to Purple Line construction, but most will occur after. For more information about the Purple Line check out one of our prior posts by clicking here.

What point are we at in the planning process? For a full rundown on the planning process, click here.

Those were just a few of the questions. Some warrant a more in-depth response, so check this site frequently for updates. Also don’t forget to check out our FAQ page by clicking here. I’m always here to answer any questions you have, so if there is something that you weren’t able to ask, or thought of after the event, feel free to call me or email me any time.  We’ll be hosting these events periodically in order to continue to provide you with updates.


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