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Chevy Chase Lake Survey Wrap-Up, Part 1

Posted on by Lisa Fadden

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Many of you took time to respond to our survey and we appreciate it.  We wanted to follow-up and share the results with you.  Not surprisingly, those of you who responded provided great feedback that will help shape our planning activities.

We reached out to those Montgomery County residents who live in the Chevy Chase Lake zip code of 20815 and also those residents who live in portions of the immediately adjacent zip codes 20910, 20814, and 20895.  Nearly 800 people viewed the survey and 580 people completed the survey.  Seventy-six percent of those responding lived in Chevy Chase Lake.  Forty-eight percent of you responding have lived in the community for more than 15 years, 39% have lived here between 5 and 15 years, and 14% are relative newcomers to our community living here 5 years or less.

Beyond hearing from you, perhaps one of the most exciting elements about the high number of respondents is the value that you have helped generate for our community.  As we indicated here on the blog and on the postcard that was mailed to your home, we will provide $5 dollars for each completed survey to the Friends of the Chevy Chase Library.  So, we will be writing a check for $3,000 to help make our library and its programs stronger to better serve all of us.

We all love our community, and in order to provide a backdrop for the information that you provided, we wanted to know what you really like about living here.  The most commonly cited attribute was the convenience that you feel this community provides.  This obviously means different things to each of you, but there was a lot of commonality because you wrote about convenience to jobs, transit, shopping, biking and hiking.  You also appreciate access to the Capital Crescent Trail and open space.  The feeling of community and neighborhood is another important quality that is enhanced through Chevy Chase Lake’s walkability and safety.

When you were asked what amenities you would like to see recommended in the Chevy Chase Sector Plan for the community, 48% of you recommended open space, 20% of you recommended a community center, and 14% of you recommended a playground.  Another 15% of you had additional specific recommendations which included the following suggestions.

1)      Further clarification on the open space recommendation (i.e. parks and sitting areas).

2)      Locating police at the intersection of Chevy Chase Lake and Connecticut Avenue during rush hours.

3)      Construction of a swimming pool.

When asked what issues you would like to see addressed by the Planning Board and County Council in the Chevy Chase Lake Sector Plan there were over 400 individual responses.  The top issues that you identified include:

1)      Addressing traffic;

2)      Addressing concerns about overdevelopment;

3)      Providing increased pedestrian access within the community; and

4)      Addressing school issues (i.e. overcrowding)

The final issue we’ll discuss in today’s posting are your comments relating to transportation.  Sixty one percent of you identified improved pedestrian and bike access as the most important additional transportation improvements to be provided in the community.  Another 20% of you provided additional specific comments related to various aspects of the Purple Line (i.e. advocating for bus rapid transit).  Among other things your identified included specific pedestrian improvements that could be made to improve crossing Connecticut Ave. (including a pedestrian overpass).

In Part 2 of the Survey Wrap-Up we will go through the recommendations that you provided relating to your various retail preferences.


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