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Miti Figueredo, Project Contact, VP Public Affairs

About Chevy Chase Lake

Posted on by Lisa Fadden

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We hope to use this website to get out information about our plans for the Chevy Chase Lake area, solicit your ideas and feedback, and let you know about upcoming meetings.  Let’s start with some of the background about the Chevy Chase Lake Sector Plan and our thoughts about the future.

As we get closer to presenting plans and ideas at the Planning Board, we’ll continue to share greater detail, but for now, here are some important underlying principles regarding the future development.

The Boundaries of Chevy Chase Lake Sector Plan

The Chevy Chase Lake Plan

The Chevy Chase Lake Plan

The diagram below shows the boundaries of the sector plan.  The boundaries are roughly, Jones Bridge Rd to the North, Jones Mill Rd to the East, Columbia Country Club to the West and East West Highway to the South.  The largest property owners in the sector planning area are Howard Hughes Medical Institute, The Chevy Chase Land Company, and the Housing Opportunities Commission of Montgomery County.

Neighborhood Serving Retail

We get asked a lot of questions about the character of the retail we’d like to see at Chevy Chase Lake.  We have great tenants here today, and we’d like to continue to enhance and grow our retail tenant mix.  The nature of these retailers, though, will continue to be neighborhood serving – restaurants, cafes, service oriented retail.  We welcome your input about the kinds of shops you’d love to see here, and you can email me any time with your thoughts.

One question we get asked a lot is whether or not luxury retail, like in friendship heights will be present at Chevy Chase Lake.  The answer is no! We will have neighborhood serving retail here, and it will not be a luxury retail destination.

Environmental Sustainability

Chevy Chase Lake has a unique position – right next to the Capital Crescent Trail, and adjacent to Coquelin Run and we want environmental stewardship of our community to be an important part of our future development.  This will be a priority throughout the life of our development.


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